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Band 38

Lampart, Fabian – Martin, Dieter – Schmitt-Maaß, Christoph (eds.)
Der Zweite Dreißigjährige Krieg
Deutungskämpfe in der Literatur der Moderne

2019. 269 p. – 170 × 240 mm. Softcover
ISBN 978-3-95650-491-4


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After the First World War the Thirty Years' War was increasingly reflected by contemporary German literature and criticism. Much influenced by two World Wars the historical analogies become evident, and the literature of the Baroque age is rediscovered for self-interpretation. Next to canonised classics once famous writers, who are now mostly forgotten, were involved. In retrospect, they are particularly significant for understanding the broader reception. Literature and criticism of the early 20th century are framing a key concept that, at the very end of the century, returns as the concept of a 'Second Thirty Years' War' (Hans-Ulrich Wehler) or an 'era of World War' (Arno J. Mayer).
With contributions by
Achim Aurnhammer, Victoria Gutsche, Klaus Haberkamm, Wilhelm Kühlmann, Fabian Lampart, Dieter Martin, Christopher Meid, Christian Meierhofer, Philipp Redl, Christoph Schmitt-Maaß, Stefanie Stockhorst, Mario Zanucchi