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Patzelt, Werner J.

Patzelt, Werner J.
Politische Bildung für ein demokratisches Deutschland
Ziele, Inhalte, Bilanzen

2019. 275 p. – 170 x 240 mm. Softcover
ISBN 978-3-95650-574-4


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What is political education? What forms did it take throughout history? What kind of political education is required for democratic citizenship? In what ways does political education go beyond civic education? Systematic answers are given in this book.
It starts with a look at how political science is related to political and civic education. Then the mission of political education is discussed, with a look at the dissemination of politically relevant knowledge, at the clarification of values, and at the training of civic competences. Finally, the challenges of re-unification for civic education are highlighted.
The author has done research into parliaments and parties for decades, became well known as a commentator of ongoing politics, and has been a key figure for public political education in Eastern Germany since 1991.