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Academic Publishing

For authors preparing book manuscripts, directions for data delivery that apply to all books published by Ergon are available for download here [164 KB] .

The publication – in modern electronic form or classical as an academic reference book?

Against the background of increasingly numerous possibilities of on-line and electronic publication our publishing house thoroughly scrutinises in each particular case which medium is the most suitable for the academic transfer of information.
As a result we have to state for the majority of publications supervised by the Ergon-Verlag publishing company:
The printed book as the traditional form of publication up to today – and also for the future – remains the most suitable and most important medium for publication for the academic transfer of information – despite the fact that many attempts are currently undertaken to challenge it.

Reasons for the printed book

- The printed book provides as the only medium for highest reliability concerning citation of academic texts.
- The authenticity of your academic text is assured – in contrast to the electronic form.
- The advertising efforts and the channels of distribution of our publishing house ensure facilities for a better and lasting reception of your publication with an expert public.
- The problem of archival storage and thus the effective safeguarding of the data of your publication is solved for the future – as opposed to electronic data management (keyword: data migration).

For these reasons the maintenance and advancement of the academic book culture unalteredly remain part of the grand and essential tasks of an academic publishing house, which the Ergon-Verlag feels obliged to successfully realise.

Internet-platform – full-text search online ("libreka")

Nevertheless the Ergon-Verlag publishing company strongly strives to utilise the advantages of the electronic form of its publications where it can be of use for a more complex examination of the texts.
That is why – after scrutiny in each single case – the digital data of our publications is being edited for the Internet-platform of MVB Marketing-und Verlagsservice des Buchhandels (Börsenverein des Deutschen Buchhandels), started out in February 2007, and is thus made available for a full-text search online.
By means of linking to commercial enterprises in the book sector net users (international “scientific community”) are presented with the opportunity of instantaneous purchase of those texts.


Our publishing house offers production of books in the following configuration:
Format: 17 x 24 cm (15,5 x 23 cm respectively)
Bookbinding processing: cut-flush binding (or thread stitching)
Cover: 4/0-colour
Graphical cover design
Typesetting: New typesetting (coding)
Paper: 90g Munken Print (100gr Offset weiss respectively))
Print run: depending on title (minimum print run 350)
The Ergon-Verlag publishing company sets a high value on premium quality in typographical and bookbinding processing of its publications and on professional and consistent typesetting and graphical design of its serial publications.
That is why texts that are being placed at our disposal are regularly converted and their typesetting completely revised by a specialised technical department.
Therewith authors do not have to deal with the burden of extensive work they would otherwise face at the common practise of having to hand in a so-called camera-ready copy of the manuscript (formatting by the author according to certain design directives).
The design of the book cover remains in the hands of our publishing company's own graphic department.

- Inclusion of the information into our newsletter, new releases catalogue, general catalogue and our on-line ordering system
- Production of a promotional flyer, which we also make available to our authors in PDF
- Dispatch of review copies of our publications to relevant learned journals
- Attendance of symposia and presence at book fairs in Frankfurt and Leipzig


Benefits for printing costs as a general rule are indispensable for academic publications. Given our high-quality book layout and associated intricate production at comparatively low print run, an allocation of benefits for printing costs is essential.
In the case of a particular felicitous manuscript (i.e. exam graduated with honours) the Ergon-Verlag publishing company makes an effort to acquire financing that ensures a publication for the authors without the need for benefits.
Eventualities for advancements exist at the VG Wort (www.vgwort.de) or the Deutsche Forschungsgemeinschaft DFG (www.dfg.de).
In exceptional cases benefits can be completely abandoned when the publication will in all likelihood reach a bigger audience and a higher print run is justifiable.
This can of course also be considered for publications within academic series overseen by the Ergon-Verlag publishing company and is decided on in each individual case.

For more information, please feel free to contact us.