KO 46 2019 / 8

Special Issue: Best papers from NASKO, ISKO-UK,
ISKO-France, ISKO-Brazil 2019

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Vanda Broughton.
Obituary: Emeritus Professor Iako_46_2019_8_a.pdf [173 KB]
Special Issue: Best papers from NASKO, ISKO-UK, ISKO-France, ISKO-Brazil 2019


Heather Moulaison Sandy and Andrew Dillon.
Mapping the KO Community
ko_46_2019_8_b.pdf [892 KB]

Elliott Hauser and Joseph T. Tennis.
Episemantics: Aboutness as Aroundness
ko_46_2019_8_c.pdf [195 KB]

Vanda Broughton.
The Respective Roles of Intellectual Creativity and Automation in Representing Diversity: Human and Machine Generated Bias
ko_46_2019_8_d.pdf [518 KB]

Shu-Jiun Chen.
Semantic Enrichment of Linked Personal Authority Data: A Case Study of Elites in Late Imperial China
ko_46_2019_8_e.pdf [932 KB]

Viviane Clavier.
Knowledge Organization, Data and Algorithms: The New Era of Visual Representations
ko_46_2019_8_f.pdf [282 KB]

Joachim Schöpfel, Dominic Farace, Hélène Prost and Antonella Zane.
Data Papers as a New Form of Knowledge Organization in the Field of Research Data
ko_46_2019_8_g.pdf [577 KB]

Pablo Gomes and Maria Guiomar da Cunha Frota.
Knowledge Organization from a Social Perspective: Thesauri and the Commitment to Cultural Diversity
ko_46_2019_8_h.pdf [246 KB]

Mario Barité.
Towards a General Conception of Warrants: First Notes
ko_46_2019_8_i.pdf [258 KB]
Research Trajectories in Knowledge Organization

Barbara H. Kwaśnik.
Changing Perspectives on Classification as a Knowledge-Representation Process
ko_46_2019_8_j.pdf [246 KB]

Sixth Annual “Best Article in KO Award” for Volume 45 (2018)
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Books Recently Published
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