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Subject area

The publication activity in this area was based on the connection to the German Archaeological Institute, the Chair of Classical Archaeology at the University of Würzburg and the Martin von Wagner Museum in the Würzburg Residence, one of the largest and most important university museums in Europe. The spectrum ranges from excavation documentation to exhibition catalogues and artist monographs, the thematic arc from the reconstruction of ancient monuments to studies on contemporary art.

Bibliotheca Academica – Art & Classical Studies

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Ergon´s house series in the field of art and antiquity studies is open for publications on a wide range of topics.

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News from the Martin von Wagner Museum of the University of Würzburg

Edited by Stefan Kummer und Ulrich Sinn

The series publishes the holdings as well as special exhibitions in the Department of Antiquities and the Picture Gallery of the Martin von Wagner Museum of the University of Würzburg.

Würzburg Research on Ancient History

Edited by Ulrich Sinn

The series represents a publication forum of the Würzburg Institute for Classical Archaeology.