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The core of Ergon’s legal studies programme is the traditional series Würzburger rechtswissenschaftliche Schriften, which is published by the Faculty of Law at the University of Würzburg and includes publications from all sub-fields of the discipline. The portfolio is supplemented by the Bibliotheca Academica – Jurisprudence, in which works on legal philosophy and legal history as well as festschrifts are preferably published.

ARCHIV – Edition and Translation of Islamic Legal Literature

Published by Serdar Kurnaz.

Bibliotheca Academica – Law

Published by Ergon Verlag

The Ergon house series Bibliotheca Academica – Law Studies publishes selected legal monographs and edited volumes.

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Islamic Law

The textbook series Islamic Law looks at the relevant contents and sources of Islamic law in subject-specific introductions for students, representatives from academia and practice, and those interested in the subject. The various areas of Islamic law, including family, inheritance, criminal, commercial and financial law, as well as individual country-specific legal systems in their contexts are presented. The series offers well-founded overview and orientation knowledge with current references and deepens essential subject fundamentals. Proven experts from academia and practice guarantee profound insider knowledge from the Islamic world.

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Würzburg Law Writings

Published by the Faculty of Law of the University of Würzburg

The series Würzburger rechtswissenschaftliche Schriften, which has been in existence since 1994, publishes the research results of legal scholars affiliated with the Faculty of Law in Würzburg.

The faculty was established with the founding of the University in 1402 and is thus one of the oldest law faculties in Germany. In research and teaching, special attention is paid both to the fundamentals of jurisprudence, such as the philosophy of law and the history of law, and to questions of the internationalization of law. Current and for the future important legal issues of the energy transition, data protection, the regulation of artificial intelligence and other sub-areas of digitalization as well as the reception of neighboring scientific findings are investigated in numerous research projects and specially founded research centers.

A special focus is on European law, which is also cultivated, for example, within the framework of an accompanying and postgraduate course. Every year, numerous legal scholars from all over Germany and Europe gather in the ballroom of the Neubaukirche for the Würzburg European Law Days to exchange ideas on current topics in European law.

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