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Starting from a traditional programme in German literature, the Ergon portfolio has expanded into the field of German linguistics. With the founding of the series Sprachen und Lebenswelten (Languages and Life Worlds), a focus on intercultural linguistics was established with the participation of leading scholars in the field, an emerging field of research that offers diverse interdisciplinary points of contact.

Languages and Life-Worlds. Studies in Cultural-Scientific-Intercultural Linguistics

Edited by Silvia Bonacchi, Daniel Hugo Rellstab, Jörg Roche, Gesine Lenore Schiewer, Joachim Warmbold.

Processes of social change, including developments in global learning and global citizenship, are based – like the acquisition of education and knowledge of any kind – on the ability to communicate differentially. Through speaking, listening, reading and writing we get to know worlds, expand real and imaginary spaces, shape the future.

Languages and Life-Worlds. Studies in cultural-scientific-intercultural Linguistics is the first series at Ergon, which is based on concepts of linguistics accentuated by cultural studies and interculturalism. The aim is to promote interculturality, interdisciplinarity and multilingualism in the research field of languages and life-worlds: As a platform for language, education and cultural mediation, the volumes are published in various languages.

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