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Literary Studies

German literary studies as a renowned programme focus has accompanied Ergon Verlag since its beginnings. After taking over the supervision of the Rückert-Gesellschaft e. V. in Schweinfurt, Ergon founded several literary series, which are still among the leading publications in the field today. The portfolio includes studies on literary history, theory, interpretation and criticism from the Middle Ages to the present, thus providing a publishing framework for the entire spectrum of research in the field.

Bibliotheca Academica – Literary Studies

Published by Ergon Verlag

The Bibliotheca Academica – Literary Studies series publishes studies on a wide range of literary historical issues.

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Classical Modernity

Edited by Achim Aurnhammer, Werner Frick, Dieter Martin, Mathias Mayer.

Files of the Arthur Schnitzler Archive of the University of Freiburg.

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Factual and Fictional Narrative Series of the Research Training Group 1767

Edited by Monika Fludernik

The object of investigation of the DFG Research Training Group 1767 is, on the one hand, factual narrative and, on the other hand, narrative that oscillates between fictionality and factuality. Thus, the topic of the Research Training Group stands out from the mass of narratological and philological research that primarily deals with fictional texts – i.e., novels, dramas and verse narratives.

The RTG is concerned with the interplay of factuality and fictionality within a wide range of texts or text types as well as (audio-)visual and material media products. The aim is, on the one hand, to integrate research fields outside the philologies into narratological analysis, and on the other hand, to learn from dealing with factual narrative beyond narrative theory and to modify common narratological models regarding factual texts. The central theme of the interference between factuality and fictionality will be explored in an interdisciplinary network involving historiography, therapeutic psychology, and law, social sciences, and economics.

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German Literature

Edited by Ricarda Bauschke-Hartung, Henriette Herwig and Alexander Nebrig

The series Germanistische Literaturwissenschaft publishes research papers that philologically examine German-language poetry from the Middle Ages to the present, introduce it to current issues, and interpret and contextualize it by drawing on a variety of theoretical approaches. The focus is always on the text itself in its literary traditions, with its intertextual and intermedial references, and in the tension between its historical reference systems. The volumes presented offer in-depth readings of works and groups of works that are of interest to a broad readership. The series includes outstanding monographs in German studies, dissertations, and habilitation theses, as well as anthologies.

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Literary Practices in Scandinavia

Edited by Joachim Grage and Stephan Michael Schröder

The series, which emerged from the DFG project of the same name, is dedicated to central themes and case studies around literary practices in Scandinavia in the period around 1900.

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Literatura Scientific Contributions to Literature and its Contexts

Edited by Andrea Bartl, Stephanie Catani, Stephan Kraft, Christine Lubkoll, Friedhelm Marx, Dirk Niefanger, Gabriela Paule and Gesine Lenore Schiewer

The Literatura series publishes contributions oriented towards literary and cultural studies that address German-language literature in its contexts and in its forms of presentation in the media. References to social, political, cultural, and intercultural dimensions are examined as well as the relationship between literature and the sciences, intermedial references to the arts (music, visual arts, theater, film, digital media), and the reflection of literature in educational contexts. The series offers a broad historical spectrum as well as comparative perspectives. It includes monographs, especially also qualification writings, as well as anthologies, documentations, and editions.

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Literature – Culture – Theory

Edited by Sabina Becker, Christoph Bode, Hans-Edwin Friedrich, Oliver Jahraus and Christoph Reinfandt

The series Literature – Culture – Theory presents new research approaches in the study of modern literature as well as reinterprets established theories.

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Rückert Studies

Edited by Hartmut Bobzin, Ralf Georg Czapla, York-Gothart Mix and Thomas Pittrof

The yearbooks of the Rückert-Gesellschaft Schweinfurt e. V. are published in the series Rückert-Studien. The books are devoted to key themes in the life work of Friedrich Rückert.

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Rückert zu Ehren | In honor of Rückert

Published by the Rückert-Gesellschaft e. V. Schweinfurt

The series Rückert zu Ehren reflects a multifaceted examination of the poet’s work. The various stages of his life and the works he wrote serve as inspiration for the discussion of overarching issues.

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