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The programme area of musicology at Ergon Verlag is primarily dedicated to the subject area of music aesthetics. Innovative research works are published that present music and its perception as cultural-historical phenomena and deal with its various manifestations in the context of social and historical processes. Sequi: Historical Performance Practice.

Musica Aesthetica

In the publications of the series Musica Aesthetica, musical and music-historical phenomena are examined from inter- or transdisciplinary perspectives. The focus is not exclusively on one instrument, one composition, one genre, or one type of performance practice; rather, the overarching cultural-historical, social, political, and cultic contexts are also considered. The insights thus gained aim at a re-evaluation of the respective object under investigation and should not only have theoretical value in the musicological sense but should also be able to gain significance for a differentiated approach to artistic interpretation. In the foreground, therefore, is always the interaction of theory and practice of music regarding an aesthetic immanent to the respective work of art or art form and its processuality in the change of contemporary historical circumstances. The results obtained from objective facts and their analysis claim equal relevance for the scientific and for the musical events of the present. The publications of this series are addressed to scholars, performers and interested music lovers.

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