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Ergon’s commitment to the field of information science is based on the acquisition of the Indeks publishing house in 1996 and the resulting cooperation with the International Society for Knowledge Organisation (ISKO), the leading professional institution in this field. The regular publication of the society’s conference proceedings, the management of the journal Knowledge Organisation as a globally received scientific periodical as well as an accompanying book programme with focus topics on the pulse of current developments round off the publishing portfolio in this field of research.

Advances in Knowledge Organization
Edited by theInternational Society for Knowledge Organization

Advances in Knowledge Organization is the series of proceedings of International ISKO Conferences, published by the International Society for Knowledge Organization, the International ISKO Conferences are fora for all those interested in the organization of knowledge on a universal or a domain-specific scale, using concept-analytical or concept-synthetical approaches, as well as quantitative and qualitative methodologies. The contents of the Advances in Knowledge Organization also address the intellectual and automatic compilation and use of classification systems and thesauri in all fields of knowledge, with special attention being given to the problems of terminology. The International Society for Knowledge Organization also publishes the journal Knowledge Organization.
Bibliotheca Academica – Information/Library Sciences
Published by Ergon Verlag

Ergon’s in-house series in the field of information/library sciences is open to publications in the field of knowledge organization and classification.

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Fortschritte in der Wissensorganisation | Advances in Knowledge Organization (German section)
Published by the German Section of the International Society for Knowledge Organization e.V. (ISKO)

The conference proceedings of the German Section of the International Society for Knowledge Organization are published in this established series.

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Knowledge Organization in Subject Areas
Published by the International Society for Knowledge Organization Terminology and Knowledge Engineering

The series of the International Society for Knowledge Organizations is open for the publication of different aspects in the field of knowledge organization.
Journal Knowledge Organization
Published by the International Society for Knowledge Organization (ISKO)

The journal Knowledge Organization reflects the manifold theories, methods, and applications of knowledge organization (conceptualization, indexing, modeling, etc.). It sees itself as an interdisciplinary organ that elaborates with its contributions the foundations and principles under which knowledge is discovered, formalized, communicated, and processed. Knowledge Organization enables the participation in the ongoing discourse of a future-oriented, worldwide knowledge management and thus becomes an indispensable communication medium for all persons involved in knowledge work. This discourse will address the ever-increasing amount and variety of scientific information and the simultaneously changing technical and social conditions and will provide both theoretical and practical solutions.

The journal is aimed to archivists, librarians, computer scientists, information specialists, philosophers, sociologists, and it´s located in the subject areas of information and library sciences.

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