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In the programme area of philosophy, a traditional focus is on the research field of phenomenology, represented by chairs at the universities of Freiburg and Munich. More recently, anthopology and cultural philosophy have been added, expanding the range of content by two topics increasingly present in current academic discourse. In addition, the portfolio is open to philosophical studies of different topics and orientations.

Bibliotheca Academica – Philosophy

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In the house series Bibliotheca Academica – Philosophy monographs and anthologies from different subfields of philosophy are published.

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Studies in Anthropology and Philosophy of Culture

Edited by Tim-Florian Steinbach and Annika Hand

Scientific Advisory Board: Stefano Bancalari, Thomas Ebke, Annette Hilt, Christina Kast, Hans-Peter Krüger, Hans Schelkshorn, Matthias Wunsch

The series Studies in Anthropology and Philosophy of Culture links two fields of research, each of which claims to be independent and autonomous and yet at the same time are in productive exchange with one another: on the one hand, anthropology, and the question of what makes human beings human; on the other hand, philosophy of culture and the question of how human creativity is realized in the form of culture. Both fields of research are essentially determined by phenomenological and hermeneutic approaches. Anthropology and philosophy of culture, phenomenology and hermeneutics go hand in hand, cross-fertilize each other, and a clear demarcation does not always seem possible, if even desirable. The new series would like to offer an open forum to the fields of anthropology and cultural philosophy with their interactions, to open their richness, diversity of interpretation and meaning.

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Studies in Phenomenology and Practical Philosophy

Edited by Christian Bermes, Hans-Helmuth Gander, Lore Hühn and Günter Zöller

Studies in Phenomenology and Practical Philosophy publishes historically and systematically oriented philosophical monographs and collections of essays that are committed to the practical, concrete, life-related dimension of philosophy in the past and present. Works on authors and topics of classical German philosophy – especially that of German Idealism – and phenomenologically inspired contemporary philosophy are represented as well as studies on questions in the field of moral philosophy, applied ethics, political philosophy, aesthetics, and hermeneutics.

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