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Thanks to the cooperation with the renowned Gesellschaft für Theatergeschichte e. V. as the editorial board at Ergon Verlag, the oldest and most traditional German publication series in this field has been added to the publishing portfolio. The contents of the series reflect theater historiography in its entire thematic breadth. A flanking area of series-independent writings with a focus on the study of theater construction and scenography of the Baroque period completes the attractive program segment.

Publications of the Society for Theater History

Published by the Gesellschaft für Theatergeschichte e. V. (Society for Theater History).

The series Schriften der Gesellschaft für Theatergeschichte have been self-published by the Society since 1902 with 82 volumes to date and primarily publish source texts, bibliographies, monographs, and dissertations on theater history topics. In its early years, the series was the precursor of academic theater studies, which was not established as a university subject until 1923, in Berlin, for the first time in the German-speaking world, with a theater studies institute. From the beginning, the series publications were peer-reviewed by the Society’s Scientific Committee. Today’s aim is, on the one hand, to promote young scholars, among other things by offering to publish the dissertations of the winners of the Max Herrmann Dissertation Prize, and, on the other hand, to give non-university theater historians the opportunity to publish their work.

With the establishment of the publication series in the Ergon publishing house, the society sees itself as part of an overarching community of publication series in the humanities.